About Us

Founded in July of 2017, Boardwalk Legal Aids is a trusted legal aids resource for businesses and people who are simply in need of contract templates and business forms. Boardwalk Legal has revolutionized the legal aid industry through the development of its interactive online platform that can be accessed by computer, mobile phone or tablet device. And with simple its fill-in-the-blank drafts, incredible price points and growing community of users, Boardwalk Legal Aids is the best self-help resource for people to tackle arduous tasks that involve the use of contracts or any other business documents. Go from inept to expert with one click—CHECK OUT OUR INVENTORY!


Fill-In-The-Blank Contracts

Boardwalk Legal Aids has a vast catalog of fill-in-the-blank contracts. Everything you can imagine from lease templates to intellectual property agreement templates. CHECK IT OUT!

In House Business/Corporate Forms

We make a strong effort to supply companies with all the tools that they need to be proficient in recordkeeping. We have a large selection of forms that businesses need to keep track of finances, employee information, and changes within the business.

Notices, Letters, and Pre-Incorporation Documents

 Boardwalk Legal Aids has an endless assortment of business letters, notices, and transactional templates that cover a wide-variety of industries.